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Not your usual suspects

Antohi Peppers Atomic Red Carrots Black Spanish Radishes Christmas gift growing food healthy vegetable kids Pattypan Squash Red Malabar Climbing Spinach Strathcona 1890 Striped Cavern Tomatoes tomatoes

We just launched a new collection. In fact, it is so new only one store has even seen it. We will, however have it for sale at the Last Chance Craft Fair at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver on December 23. Talk about just in time for Christmas. So for anyone looking for a gift for the gardener who thinks they have everything, here is your chance to show them something new. The collection has Red Malabar Climbing Spinach, Black Spanish Radishes, Striped Cavern Tomatoes, Atomic Red Carrots, Pattypan Squash and Antohi Peppers. Seriously, there is nothing like it.

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Winter Wonders : Forcing Bulbs to Reveal the Beauty Within

bulbs Christmas decoration flowers germination gift kids paperwhites Strathcona 1890 Urban Seed Project Urban Seeds Vancouver

  This is a shot taken on January 9 of the first blooms from a Paperwhite bulb started just before New Years. We have a Paperwhites collection but you can also force Amaryllis, Hyacinth, Tulips, and Daffodils. For those of you who have never forced bulbs before this is probably the easiest garden project you will ever try. Usually bulbs being sold for forcing come ready to go - often they will even start sprouting in the package! This eliminates the need for a rooting period (12-15 weeks of cold storage). Paperwhites are tender members of the daffodil (narcissus) family. To force...

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