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The Urban Seed Project

The Urban Seed Project is a non-profit with its roots in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. Classes, workshops and programs are created and implemented in inner city schools, day cares and community centres. Through the Urban Seed project Strathcona 1890 is creating sustainable food gardens, seniors and children programs.

In 2013 we helped build and plant a vertical food wall at RayCam Community Centre in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. With a footprint of only 40 square feet, the wall was able to provide fresh greens to 150 low income children daily during the growing season.

In 2014 we collaborated with the Strathcona Youth Council to design and implement a vertical teaching garden at Lord Strathcona Elementary School in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. This project was supported in part by a YPC grant from the Vancouver Foundation.

But as with many things, life threw a few curve balls and we moved out to the Fraser Valley. Plans are in the works to create a new vertical teaching garden including columnar apple trees at Strathcona Farm for Spring of 2019. 

If you are interested in volunteering or contributing please send an email to judy@strathcona1890.com.