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Meet the Truck Farm

Every time I go into downtown Vancouver I see thousands of empty balconies just begging to have a few edibles planted on them. However getting people to realize just how easy it is to grow some greens, carrots, tomatoes or cucumbers (among other things) has proven to be a bit of a challenge.
One day, while surfing the net I came across something amazing. So amazing that it made me laugh. I had stumbled onto Truckfarm.org. These guys were having just a little too much fun planting and driving around Brooklyn in their truck farm. So, I decided Vancouver needed a Truck Farm. And, lucky for me, I happened to have a pick up truck that I hadn't driven in six years parked in the alley behind my house. So I dusted her off, put a new battery in and drove her to air care. Low and behold she passed! I knew then that she really deserved a second life. We had a few stumbling blocks which resulted in her being up on a hoist in the automotive shop at Vancouver Vocational College for about six weeks. the work was done over two separate "visits". The second time I had just planted the seeds and wouldn't you know it they germinated in the shop. So I had to go there to water her while she was being worked on.
But now she is running fine (although there are still a few things that need addressing). Driving her around town is an absolute blast. People are always taking pictures of her (I think at least a dozen people did today!) I had one guy who was driving beside me wave me over so we could park and he could get a shot. I have people calling out from sidewalks and giving us the thumbs up. 
If you like to see people laugh and smile, a Truck Farm is just the ticket.
I should probably mention that the crop is growing well. Most of the plants are very happy although the tomatoes got too tall so I am going to try something different next year.
If you are interested in starting your own Truck Farm, check out our Truck Farm seeds for fall (no tomatoes). They even come with instructions on how to build your own Truck Farm. But if you don't want your seeds to roam, you can always plant them in regular containers.
If you just want a little taste of growing something, watch for us on the streets of Vancouver - we'll be handing out mini seed packs throughout the rest of the summer and into fall.