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Things to know

Before you go all crazy filling your plate with new things that you grow in your garden, you should be aware that introducing new edibles into your diet should always be done in moderation. This is especially important with edible flowers as, flowers by their very nature, can be more likely to cause allergic reactions in people. 

All our seeds come from established varieties and trusted sources, however, we cannot predict whether an individual may be sensitive to specific foods. 

Never eat flowers or other parts of plants unless you are certain of their identification, that they are edible and that you do not have an allergy to them. In fact it is prudent to never eat large quantities of any food that is new to you, as you may trigger an allergic reaction. 

Do not use toxic pesticides on your food crops. Be aware that various chemicals, commonly used along roads, in gardens and along rights of way, may be highly poisonous. We recommend organic gardening using natural fertilizers, ladybugs and other beneficial insects.

The use of flowers medicinally or in large quantities is not recommended without private consultation with a professionally trained professional. Many edible flowers that are safe in small quantities, such as those used as garnishes or decorations are medicinal in large quantities. Use moderation.   

Disclaimer:  Historical practice present a long heritage of the use of edible flowers as a food material.  However, Strathcona 1890 Urban Seed Collections, their suppliers and contributors to this site assume no liability associated with the consumption of edible flowers, herbs, vegetables or any other foods described on this website.  The use of any material on this site presumes that the user assumes all risk associated with such use.