Fundraising Programs

We are currently involved in a fundraiser with the Killarney Youth Council in South Vancouver.
All parents cringe when they hear that their school has decided to sell or promote products or 
programs that are unhealthy, unwieldy or hard for kids to sell. 
We'd like to introduce you to a fundraising opportunity that not only benefits your children's
school but partial proceeds will also benefit programs in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. 15% from 
sales goes directly to your PAC and another 10% helps fund sustainable food growing programs 
at schools, community centres and daycares in the DTES. 
The potential for the Urban Seeds Project is really quite incredible. Spring is the busiest time 
of year for seed sales and you will be there to cater to those customers. Urban Salad Seeds also make 
great gifts for any occasion especially for foodies with a penchant for fresh veggies.
Once you sign up your fundraiser and send us your logo (or other image you want to use), we will 
supply you with downloadable hand-outs and order forms customized for your fundraiser. Simply fill 
them out, collect the money and we will deliver the seed packs to your school within 2-3 weeks of 
receiving your full order. 
If you are interested in this unique opportunity please email us at