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The Farm

In 2015 cancer came into our lives and things changed forever. In hopes that we could beat it, we bought bare land in Mission, BC, moved a house and started a homestead. Things are going slower than we would like. With the sad loss of Mr Truckfarm, there is lots of juggling of work, farm, child rearing, and of learning. Always more to learn.

It has been a long haul but slowly things are coming together. The house is habitable and we have been growing more varieties of seeds and we are in the process of building a food forest. So far we have planted about 50 trees including the top canopy of chestnuts, and walnuts and the second layer of apple, cherry and hazelnut trees, plus a small orchard and numerous berries and other perennials. In our quest to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible we do not have a tractor or other large farm machinery. We do as much as possible by hand and recently acquired miniature goats to help eliminate invasive plants like Himalayan blackberry.

We will also be building a vertical teaching garden to show people a variety of ways to grow food in small spaces. 

This year we open started our AirBnB (Must Love Chickens) that will allow people to come out and experience the country. The farm is just an hour outside of Vancouver (except during rush hour).