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Truck Farm : Trials & Tribulations

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Ok, so it has been a little tougher than expected to get this show on the road. So far it has been in the shop for a total of 5 weeks (and counting). Sitting in an alley for 6 years tends to take a toll. That said there is hardly any rust and for the most part it runs great - just a few hiccups. The truck is a 1993 Mazda B2600 that I have owned since 1994. 

Apart from the mechanics there has been the issue of some rusted out add ons - like the tub bumper on the back. So they have all been pulled off and fixed up (or tossed). Amazing what some flat black paint and a little duct tape can do! We also pulled the canopy and may even build a greenhouse on top for the winter, maybe.

Someone likened it to putting lipstick on a pig, but actually she (for some reason the truck takes on a feminine personality) is looking quite nice these days.

Here are today's shots taken when I watered the bed while the truck is up on a hoist. Amazingly (or maybe not) the seeds I planted a week ago are all coming up and some are almost 2 inches tall! Maybe we should always start seeds in an auto repair shop...

These are shots from last weekend when the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau came to the rescue with their warehouse. It was a looong weekend and not in a good way. But we got a lot done. 

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