Herbology 101
Herbology 101
Herbology 101
Herbology 101
Herbology 101
Strathcona 1890

Herbology 101

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Inspired by Harry Potter, this collection was created to ignite curiosity in kids (and grownups!) 

Herbology 101 is the study of the magical properties of mundane plants. We hope that this kit will inspire you to learn about the magical properties of the plants these seeds will grow. The more you learn, the more you will discover just how magical our earthly world really is.

This collection contains:
  • package of magic beans 
  • package of sun chasing flowers 
  • package of a rainbow of carrots 
  • package of tiny pumpkins 
  • package of mystery seeds 
  • Enlightening info on these magical seeds and how to grow them 
  • wood plant markers 
  • mini plant tonic 

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