Junior Farmer Gift Box
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Junior Farmer Gift Box

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So easy even a grown-up can do it.


Junior Farmer The seeds in this collection are super easy to grow and have great kid appeal. Includes:

  • Dwarf Sunflowers
  • Snap Peas
  • Our custom Rainbow Carrot blend of red, purple, yellow, orange and white carrots.
  • Miniature Pumpkins 
  • Helpful tips and tricks for germination and growing
  • Instructions for making a bird feeder with your bountiful harvest of sunflower seeds. 

Easy Peasy This heirloom collection has Scarlet Runner Beans (circa 1640) and Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas (circa 1892). These are super easy to grow. You can also use the flowers as edible flowers in salads, on cheeses or as a garnish. In fact you can also eat the leaves of the pea plant. An interesting way to dress up any meal.

2 Seedy Soap for Dirty Gardeners  These are a perfect palm sized block. We start with pure, organic, raw goat milk combined with plant and animal oils (no palm oil) and at just the right moment blend in ground calendula and various other seeds such as kale, cabbage, lettuces and coffee. The end result is a soap that helps scrub dirt off hands and gently massages your palms. 

PlantTonic made from the fast- growing tips of the Giant Pacific Kelp Plant from the cold, pristine and secluded waters of coastal British Columbia.  This giant kelp is the fastest growing plant known, growing up to 3 feet per day!  Harvesting takes place in late spring and again in early fall (to protect indigenous species).  Only the actively growing portion of the plant-the top 2 to 4 metres-is selected.

Sustainably sourced wooden plant markers